We've got answers to your questions! Explore our most frequently asked questions and get information regarding Ventum's Buy Now Pay Later payment option. For more details, you can also write us at concierge@ventumracing-me.com.

What is Ventum – Buy Now Pay Later?
Ventum Buy Now Pay Later is a payment option which allows customer to split their payment into 3 installments spread across 60 days. The installment split is defined below:

- 50% payable upon purchase

- 25% payable 30 days after purchase

- 25% payable 60 days after purchase.

What documents are required for BNPL eligibility assessment?
You are required to submit the following 4 documents:

  • 1. Full credit report from Al Etihad Credit Bureau
  • 2. Emirates ID
  • 3. Passport
  • 4. Visa
When do I make the first installment?
The first payment needs to be made at the time of purchase. The payment link is valid for 1 hour upon confirmation of purchase. After the link has expired, you will have to re-do the application process.
How long do I have to submit my application documents?
You must submit all the documents within 24 hours of placing your order. If you fail to submit your documents, your submission will be cancelled and your 50% installment will be returned to your account.
How long does the document evaluation process take?
The evaluation can take between 12-24 working hours, once all the documents have been received.
How will I know if I’m accepted or rejected?
You will receive an email notifying you of the result.
What will happen to my first instalment if I’m NOT accepted for BNPL?
If your application has been rejected, our team will refund the first installment within 48 hours of result notification. However, it may take longer to reach you depending on your bank.
Is this service available for international order?
This payment option is limited to orders placed within the UAE.
Is there a minimum purchase value for using BNPL feature?
Yes. Your total purchase order must equal or be above AED 5,000.
How do I makethe 2nd/3rd installment payment?
Ventum concierge will send a reminder email after 30/60 days including an updated payment link.

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