Ventum’s storied history began like some of the most cherished tech brands: in a small garage late at night. What started as a pet project among a professional athlete and engineers, quickly escalated into a viable product and business model.  The founders, Jimmy Seear and Diaa Nour perfected a unique design for the next “hyper” bike and quickly raised seed funding.  The brand was launched in 2015 at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, HI.   This radical design of the Ventum ONE was a patented “Z” shaped frame with integrated hydration and a near endless ability to customize each specific build. The frame of the Ventum ONE was inspired by other non-traditional bikes from decades ago but modernized for the needs of triathlon.  The Ventum ONE was also designed to handle as well as it cheats the wind. Tested in the wind tunnel, the Ventum ONE decreased drag by 117g (24%) over the top triathlon bikes of the time.


In 2016, Ventum became the official bike sponsor for the
IRONMAN World Championship. Ventum was a pioneer and advocate for innovation and became the first “non-traditional” bike frame to officially be declared legal by the international governing body of triathlon. This was possible only because Ventum was able to pass the most stringent stress and deflection testing in the industry. In addition to being fast, the Ventum ONE was also incredible safe. 


2017 marked the year Ventum introduced their next product, the Ventum Z. This entry level bike entered the market at a lower price point but maintained the patented “Z” shaped frame of the Ventum ONE.


Ventum and IRONMAN officially partnered together in 2018 making Ventum the first Global Bike Partner of IRONMAN.  With that partnership deal, Ventum was now represented across the globe at all the IRONMAN Championship events.


2019 brought in yet another advancement from Ventum: The Ventum NS1. Ventum’s first UCI legal road bike is a well-balanced machine that combines aerodynamics, light weight, compliance and the ability to tackle any-road. The NS1 utilizes advanced technologies in carbon layup and design with the addition of Graphene to make the NS1 one of the lightest and strongest road frames on the market today.


Ventum launched its first international office in the United Arab Emirates. Breaking the traditional retail model, Ventum Middle East is a direct-to-consumer company that prioritizes the pre and post-sale customer experience including access to test rides, white-glove delivery, financing options to mitigate your out-of-pocket costs over time, on-your-doorstep servicing and maintenance, a lifetime warranty, and more. Ventum is not only a premium product – it is a premium customer experience. Welcome to the future of cycling.


Born and tested in Utah’s Uinta Mountains, the GS1 offers off-road comfort and versatility without sacrificing speed. It’s the ultimate gravel machine: revolutionary design and cutting-edge engineering, all wrapped up in a sleek, speedy package. 


Developed over 4 years, the all-new Ventum One takes the fastest bike in Kona to the next level.  Featuring improved adjustability, superior braking, and increased storage culminating into our most aerodynamic bike to date. 

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