The Future of Speed, Refined

Ventum exists to provide every athlete with the highest caliber design, performance, and innovation. The all-new Ventum ONE achieves this purpose with refined fit, form, and function.


What Our Customers Say...

The VENTUM NS1 doesn’t want to coast, it wants to go fast. It’s similar to when I’ve been behind the wheel of a Lamborghini or Aston Martin supercar – you can almost sense how unhappy the bike is going slow. I was only happy to oblige in helping it out.

-Nathan Irvine

The Ventum One is as close as you can get to a limousine on two wheels. Nothing is more comfortable for long races.

-Jonty Summers

I have the NS1, the bike is Fast, comfortable, responsive with a super smooth feel. The bike provides a ride that’s on the racier side of endurance and is down right fun to ride.

The Ventum crew in the ME are exceptional they go above and beyond!

-Samson Barber

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